tcworld India 2020 - 10th anniversary Program

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Over two days of tcworld India, a top-notch lineup of international speakers will conduct presentations and workshops, throwing their experienced spotlights on crucial trends and practical solutions in technical communication.

Agenda March 5

Time Event


Opening Ceremony

Only Connect: How the evolving digital landscape is transforming...

Riona MacNamara

Blitzscaling content

Sachin Shenoy

Darling, we need to talk! The Future of Content Interaction...

Stefan Gentz

Creating content that's intelligent

Nibu Thomas

Break and Visit to the Exhibition

Professional blogging and vlogging

Paula R. Stern

Making DITA Documentation Easy with DITAxPresso

Amit Siddhartha

Building Next-generation Docs with MadCap Flare

Yoni Palmer

Analytics and Tech Doc: the dawn of a new era

Fabrice Lacroix

The Next Generation of Help Authoring Tools is Here

Stefan Gentz

Formulating Content Reuse Strategy

Vasanth Vaidyanathan

Lunch Break and Visit to the Exhibition

Zooming in on mobile "push" content strategy

Samartha Vashishtha

Next-generation in-product help using predictive analytics and machine...

Avishekh Das

Simplified Technical English, how to implement the global standard for...

Berry Braster

Docs Multi-Versioning: An Effective Documentation Approach Using Git...

Nawab Ahmad Reshi, Rishu Mehra

Bookdown- Author technical documents

Saurav Ghosh

Creating Voice-based online help using Amazon Alexa

Akash Dubey

Break and Visit to the Exhibition

Less is More: Minimize Content and Maximize Outcome

Soumya Menon, Bindu Umesh

Building Bridges between Authors and Developers

Rosemarie Prinsloo, Suresh Srinivasan

ClouDocs for Documentation Management and Rich user experience

Haripriya Muralikrishnan

Panel Discussion

Edwin Skau

Dinner & Networking Event

Agenda March 6

Time Event

The challenge of delivering a truly personalized search experience

Fabrice Lacroix

Data Driven Content Innovation: How data analysis can help you solve...

Fatema Zaveri, Niranjan Jahagirdar

High EQ Digital Content: How Empathetic and Automated Interfaces...

Nisha Rajan

Information Dynamics with iiRDS: the iiBOT

Michael Fritz

Documentation Strategy at Automation Anywhere: Slowing Down to Speed...

Kathy Clemens

Creating Interactive Technical Documents

Sarah Samuel, Pradeep Sosale, Annapoorani Gopalan

10 TechComm Trends today and Tomorrow – Insights from the Adobe’s...

Stefan Gentz

Break and Visit to the Exhibition

DocFX: Magic Wand for API Documentation

Reni Mathew, Divya G K

Knowledge Is Power: Documentation as a tool for equity and inclusion

Riona MacNamara

Make your metadata great again

Fabrice Lacroix

Lunch Break and Visit to the Exhibition

Going Modular: Turning Legacy Documentation into User Story-Based...

Robert Kratky

Webinar: Building Your Talent Muscle Through Job Benchmarking

Vanya Kiritzova

Why every writer is also a designer—Looking at content the Atlassian...

Rithika Karumbaiah

Using Swagger to document and Publish REST APIs content

Gyanesh Talwar

Ontology for micro content

Anant Sabane, Prateek Kumar Satpathy

Are your PDF documents accessible for users with diverse needs?

Radina Matic

Break and Visit to the Exhibition

Strengthen your User Assistance Role by being a Corporate Brand...

Roopa Ravikumar

RAFT Tool - Looking Beyond just Automating the Release Notes Creation

Imran Pasha, Chandrima Mukherjee

The Alchemy of eXperience

Edwin Skau

Technical Communication Innovation Award (TCIA)

Closing Ceremony

Lecture / Tool Presentation | Workshop | Break | Dinner | Party | Closing

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