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tcworld India Conference

About tcworld

tcworld is a global services company, based in Stuttgart, Germany. Our main customer is tekom, the world’s largest professional association for technical communication, with more than 9,500 individual members in Europe and worldwide.

We know the business of Technical Communication

Since 2001 we have been offering services for all those who are in charge of technical communication within their companies, in whatever verticals. Focuses are on machinery, automotive, electric and electronic device, medical device, consumer goods, systems and software. We are active worldwide, also in India.

Our service


With nine main conferences in Europe and Asia, tcworld is the largest PCO in the professional field.

Our flagship is the tekom/tcworld Annual Conference and Trade Fair in Stuttgart, which attracted more than 4,500 visitors in 2016, thus making it the largest professional event in the field of Technical Communication.

More over we organize this year


For our customers overseas we have developed

TCTrainNet, a web based training moderated by an online trainer. The courses comprise all the competencies which are needed to cover a full content creation process. All modules are in English language only. They are available

  • on individual basis
  • for companies which want to leverage the competencies of their staff members
  • for universities which what to include online learning in the regular curricula.

Don’t hesitate and try out a test account. For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.


At tcworld you can also apply for tekom’s Certification Program. Over the last years we have certificated over 2,000 individuals worldwide. With the certificate they show professional competency according to the tekom competence framework. The certification examination includes a written online test and oral interviews as well. The prerequisite for admission are either enough professional experience or the knowledge learned in TCTrainNet. We distinguish two levels, Professional and Expert. If you are interested, you find more information here.

Consultancy Services

Indian companies we can help to

  • improve the quality of their instructions for use
  • make their documentation legally fit, culturally compatible and more user friendly for international markets
  • re-organize their content creation process
  • improve their translation processes
  • introduce terminology management in their company ore improve their own termbase
  • be part of the digital innovation of TC with iiRDS, the tekom standard for Intelligent Information Request and Delivery which is available as Open Source under CC BY ND