Terms and Conditions

... for presenters.

Terms and Conditions for Presenters

By submitting an application for a presentation, workshop, tutorial, lecture or panel the presenters accept the following terms and conditions unless otherwise agreed upon with the conference management.

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Evaluation and approval

The applications will be evaluated exclusively by the advisory board of this conference. The decision of the board will be conveyed to the applicant without providing any reasons for refusal or approval. Submitting a presentation does not entitle anyone to attend the conference.

Quality of contents

Accepted presenters will treat the presentation subject in accordance with the scope specified in their application. They are responsible for the comprehensiveness, correctness and relevance of their contributions which shall be on the newest level of scientific research and at the state of the art.

Personal Participation

Approval as a presenter is only granted to an individual person, not to a company or any institution the presenter may belong to. Presenters provide their contribution personally (if necessary with a co-speaker). A “substitution” of presenters is not possible.

Should a presenter forseeably not be able to deliver his or her contribution (e.g. due to illness) , he or she will contact the conference management in advance as soon as possible. Furthermore he or she will try to support the search for a substitute speaker of the same level of experience and knowledge.

If a presenter revokes his or her attendance completely, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the presentation without replacement.

Announcement and Documentation of Presentations

In order to announce the presentation properly if their application is approved the applicants register themselves on the “conference portal” website within the set deadline and upload the following:

  • The announcement text for their presentation
  • Their curriculum vitae (CV)
  • A recent photo
  • Their presentation slides (after the conference)

With the submission of the above-mentioned documents, the presenter grants the conference organizer the full and irrevocable and royalty-free rights of use, in particular the rights of reproduction, public access and adaption (especially translations). If the contents are not submitted in due time, the organizer reserves the right to remove the presentation from the conference program. The presenter does not have any entitlement to compensation.

Participation at the Conference

Each presenter receives a free conference pass for the respective conference. Co-presenters only receive free admission on the day of the presentation.

Fees and Refunds

No honorariums will be payed for presentations. Travel costs or other expenses, e.g. for presentation materials, will not be reimbursed.

Cancellation of an Event

The organizer is entitled to cancel or postpone the conference due to serious reasons (e.g. closure of the venue, force majeure, etc.). If an event is cancelled presenters can make no claims for the refund of any expenses.

Audio and Video Recordings

The organizer is entitled to produce audio and video recordings of the event for documentation purposes or self-publishing, if the presenter does not object to this prior to the start of the event.


The presenter has to ensure that he or she has his own insurance covering accidents, illness, etc. With regard to his presentation materials, the speaker will indemnify the organizer from all claims by third parties that are arising from any infringement of intellectual property rights.

Data Usage

The presenter agrees that the organizer can store, process and use the information uploaded onto the conference portal in order to manage and promote the conference. Moreover the presenter agrees to receive email promotions in the future. The presenter confirms that he or she has been informed that he can withdraw this consent at any time.


Presentation Sildes

You can use the provided style slides as your presentation opening and closing slide