tcworld India speaker

Samartha Vashishtha

Senior Manager—Content Strategy, Expedia

Samartha Vashishtha: Speaker at tcworld India 2019
Samartha Vashishtha works as a Senior Manager—Content Strategy with Expedia Group. Prior to joining Expedia, Samartha spent a decade at Adobe Systems working with content, community, and everything betwixt to deliver delightful user experiences. Notably, he led the Help content strategy for Photoshop for several years, and was informally credited as 'Chief Content Wrangler' on the product splash screen for 19.x releases.

Samartha has been an invited speaker at several international conferences, including LavaCon, Text Analytics World, and TCWorld. He loves to wander beyond his role of a content person and dig deep into technology; such forays have led him to filing multiple US patents. He holds a B. Tech and a degree in law.