Tutorial: Augmented Reality Apps - The Next Gen InfoDev Deliverables

With the technology landscape evolving, unprecedented changes have occurred in the design and delivery of products and applications. Bringing a third dimension to user experience, applications now boast of harnessing the power of augmented and virtual reality to bolster user experience. Lest Information Developers are left behind in this march of technology, it is imperative that they adopt and deliver deliverables that make use of this technology to further enhance user experience with the products and apps they document. 

In this session, the speaker will talk about the subjects that lend themselves easily to AR/VR technologies, present a case study of how he went from changing images in a manual to creating an AR app, and briefly discuss how to create simple AR apps by oneself.

Participants will get an exposure to this new technology wave and how to use it as one of their own deliverables. The case study presented will discuss how the most routine of tasks as tech writers can lead to something as exicting as an AR app. Participants will also learn from the presenter's journey and the reactions he received from his eco system during the journey. The presenter's thoughts on the direction this technology will take and its impact on Information Developers will be presented.