tcworld India speaker

Virupaksha Math

Senior Manager - Technical Documentation, Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.

Virupaksha Math: Speaker at tcworld India 2019
Virupaksha Math began his career on the desk of The Economic Times as a Trainee Journalist. His flair for current affairs and logophilia received a further boost as he cut his teeth with editing copies and making pages for all the southern Indian editions of the The Economic Times between December 2002 to December 2003.
He then joined Honeywell Technology Solutions in January 2004 as Information Developer, where he gained extensive expereince in writing documentation for products in the Industrial and Building Automation and Control solutions domain. He gained valuable experience in information design and content delivery for print, online, mobile, and augmented reality platforms. In the 14.5 years he worked with Honeywell, he has led teams of Info Developers, written extensively for the industrial control solutions domain products, edited in-house magazines and white papers, mentored and coached colleagues and peers, and demonstrated several innovative content delivery mechanisms.
He was honored with presenting a white paper titled, "" Adopting Mistake Proofing Methods in Documentation"" in the annual STC conference of 2006 held in Bangalore. He also won the second prize in the 'Most Innovative Deliverable' competition held by a local STC Bangalore chapter in 2007.
He is currently leading a team of 15 technical writers in Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.