For the Evening of March 8, a Makeup Tip for Suman Kumar´s Stand Up Show

Because tcworld India 2018 isn't all about learning throughout. In the evening, it's more about the leanings. Whatever that means. To make sense of it all and laugh at the mad, mad, mad world be there.

That´s right. The evening of March 8th in tcworld India 2018 will be a rock-and-rollicking one. For the first time ever in tcworld India... er, make that the second time ever, Suman Kumar will, ahem ... perform. For those of you who´ve just arrived from the Himalayas, Suman Kumar is a writer, comedian and stay-at-home-dad. His brand of personal, slice-of-life humor resonates with and delights audiences. All three of them. He is currently touring with his solo stand-up specia, Mr. Mommy.