Technical Communication Innovation Award (TCIA)

Metapercept being an information technology services and solutions company has identified a massive gap in the way the technical publication process is followed in the industry.

We have developed DITAxPresso, a software suite that is not only user-friendly. But, also without any expertise in DITA-XML, one can publish DITA-XML based documents. DITAxPresso software suite provides solutions for some of the challenging aspects of DITA-XML based authoring, styling, and publishing scenarios. DITAxPresso offers a:

- Cost-effective DITA-XML editing, styling, and publishing solution.
- DITA-OT based file formats.
- Authoring tool-agnostic solution.
- Easy to use interface for styling and handling DITA maps.
- On-demand plugin management.
- Cloud-based solution.
This innovation is a game-changer in providing cost-effective publishing, designing, and editing solution for non-DITA-XML users without having the dependencies on any third-party software.

Through DITAxPresso, we look forward to providing DITA-XML solutions to small and medium companies from all business types, for whom migrating to DITA has always been a big challenge from cost and resource perspective. With DITAxPresso, any Technical Writer with zero knowledge in DITA can create excellent documents in PDF, Web, Markdown, and ePub formats.