10 TechComm Trends today and Tomorrow – Insights from the Adobe’s Worldwide Technical Communication Survey 2020

Technical Communication is in constant change: Requirements and expectations from both authors and consumers of technical content have changed dramatically over the last decade. The rise in digital experience innovation creates new customer expectations and demands. And enterprises around the world are exploring new ways to create new Content Interaction Experiences for their customers.
In this presentation, Stefan Gentz will share insights from the Adobe Technical Communication Worldwide Survey 2020. TechComm professionals from 60+ countries participated in the survey. He will discuss the driving factors for enterprises around the world when it comes to technical communication. Why do companies choose to work with structured content, and why do they go for a CCMS? How do they deliver their content today – and how will they provide content tomorrow?


  • Understand the key factors that are driving companies to move to structured content
  • Understand which technologies companies use to author and deliver content today
  • Know which are the “hottest” content delivery channels in the future to provide technical content to customers