Writing and Editing Modular Documentation: Some Best Practices

Much has been said about the creation of topic-based modular documentation – from content management systems, to information architecture, to delivery forms, and so on. However, not much has been said about the editing of that content, and what the editor’s role is in such an environment. In this workshop, we will learn some best practices to apply when writing and editing modular documentation, and see how they work using before-and-after examples. We will also look at what editors need to do to have a positive impact on the creation of readable and usable modular documentation.

How this workshop will benefit you:

The purpose of this workshop is to provide some writing and editing "best practices", so you can go back to your workplace and start writing or editing your modularized documentation in a more efficient manner, or think about processes you can put into place to make your documentation more modular, or build training programs to help writers "think differently" and write modular documentation, or… the list is endless