Workshop: From Text to Illustration (E2I)

We always face challenges where the feature or technology concepts that we author in our technical documents have a lot of running text and the end user often finds it difficult to understand and correlate the documented concepts with the real working components. As writers, we are comfortable in explaining with words but the process of thinking visually does not come naturally to everyone.

The solution that we intend to provide through Text 2 Illustration workshop is to teach the participants different mechanisms to complement complex concepts with illustrations. 

The objective of the workshop is to introduce a visual thought process in the participants to enable them to think out of the box and translate complex scenarios and concepts into illustrations. This session provides guidance to the participants on how to ideate and then derive at an illustration from text by breaking up a complex concept or scenario. 

The Intended audience for Text 2 Illustration workshop will be Technical writers at all levels. With this session, they can enhance their existing skillset and the impact on products, documentation, and customer experience.

Post this workshop, the participants will be able to think out of the box in terms of reducing text, helping end users understand complex concepts with ease, and start applying the takeaways to their project deliverables.