Formulating Content Reuse Strategy

Are you struggling to migrate to DITA XML or formulate your organization’s content reuse strategy? Should all your content be in DITA XML format?
In this presentation, we try to understand how organizations plan and design their content for reuse. Did you know that most organizations took less than 2 years to migrate to DITA XML?
We recently ran a global survey with technical communication practitioners about how they migrated content to DITA XML and how they planned for reuse of content. We will share the results of the survey to help the audience understand the industry best practices in this area. This would serve as valuable input as you formulate your content strategy. We will also share KLA’s experience on how we struggled and finally came up with an effective strategy for upfront planning that would result in improving efficiency and productivity.

Audience: Information Architects, Tech Pub Managers, Senior Tech Writers

Type: Best practices

Preparation Needed: None