Darling, we need to talk! The Future of Content Interaction Experiences is Here.

Just putting your technical documentation on your webpage as a PDF for download is not going to be enough anymore. PDF is a given, a fundamental requirement. But both business and end customers expect more today. They expect to find answers to their questions and solutions for their problems quickly and easily. But how to deliver on this expectation?

In this interactive presentation, Stefan Gentz, Senior Worldwide Evangelist for Technical Communication at Adobe, will dive into the world of Content Interaction Experience. He will show how easy it can be to provide a conversational experience for your customers and implement a chatbot. Forget everything that you have heard about chatbot implementations. Stefan will connect the dots between Structured Content, DITA, a CCMS, and chatbots. He will show how you can easily author DITA-based Structured Content and enrich it with chatbot-relevant information. He will also show how you can quickly “retrain” your chatbot in minutes instead of days. Provide better answers to the questions your customers have – be faster and stay ahead of the competition – on every channel your customers are using!



  • Learn how to author and enrich Structured Content for chatbots
  • Understand how to train your chatbot easily
  • Have fun in participating in a live Content Interaction Experience