Lecture: Product Documentation for the Hybrid Cloud World

In the public vs. private cloud struggle, each side has realized that the future lies with not one or the other, but with both. Mature private cloud or on-premise companies are looking to accommodate the public cloud, and mature public cloud companies are rumored to be seeking footholds on customer premises. Meanwhile, spending increases in both spaces.

SaaS and on-premise software developers and customers have developed different expectations and practices for documentation over the last decade. Rightly or not, on-premise documentation is seen as stodgy, wordy, static, and barely relevant. SaaS documentation is seen as dynamic and up-to-date (again, rightly or wrongly) but may also be chaotic and inconsistent. 

How do we unify these practices to support the hybrid cloud and avoid creating separate silos for public and private? How do we leverage the comprehensive and controlled nature of on-premise documentation with the responsive and crowd-sourced nature of SaaS documentation? In this presentation, we’ll explore hybrid cloud and questions about documentation in this environment.