Bringing life to your help content

Customers at times prefer listening to your help content than reading them. Think about a situation where your customer is performing certain complex tasks in a data center reading the instructions from a printed document or from a mobile device. Life would be much easier if your help system allows your customer listen to the instructions while performing such complex tasks. 

There are many text to speech solutions available in the market. Most of them do not produce lifelike voice. Choosing a solution that can produce engaging voice is very important. You can produce engaging voice only when you can control various aspects of speech such as pronunciation, volume, pitch, and speech rate. On-device Text-to-Speech solutions require significant computing resources. Cloud-based solutions reduce local resource requirements. Also, the solution you choose should have capabilities to do speech synthesis in real-time.

The biggest challenge is the technical difficulties involved in integrating the solution you choose with your help system without requiring much effort from the customers to launch the solution. The objective of this presentation is to help the audience choose the right text to speech solution. Also, we will demonstrate how to integrate the solution with a help system.