Lecture: Ontology for Dynamic Help, Chatbot, and User Guides in a Software Product

While it is true that user information requirements are moving from modular to granular, attention span of users consuming this information is also significantly decreasing. The current information content available inside a software application being static, users find it cumbersome to locate the required information in quick time. The static help files displayed in the application are of little help to users in its current form. 

Therefore, there is an increasing need for a renewed kind of user assistance – to help users locate only focused, pin-pointed, and crisp information that they want at a given time while working on a software application. 

Ontology – a methodology to represent knowledge – can offer the much desired dynamic information content for authors in a product documentation development journey. Ontology helps display only the required information either as a tool tip or Chatbot content, and even to generate User Guides. What’s more, Ontology supports a very high level of content optimization by repurposing the one-time authored information across multiple places and formats. 

In this presentation, participants will learn how to adopt Ontology based approach in the documentation of a software application to assist both authors (develop information) and users (consume information).