Program of tcworld India

Please find here the preliminary program.

Program of tcworld India 2018

The tcworld India team is currently working on creating a diversified conference program. Soon it will be published here. 


Our Keynotes

Get an insight into the keynotes at our most important event for technical communication in India.

Keynote 2:
Envisioning the Future of Product Content: Deep Learning, AI, and Bots

AI. Bots. Deep learning. Machines! They're everywhere — in our social media platforms, driving marketing campaigns, interacting with our customers. And soon they might be driving the content experience with YOUR product content. Are you ready for this brave new world?

Ready or not, Andrea's vision of the future of product content -- documentation, help and embedded content, instructional information, and even reference -- will help you to picture your place in this strange, new world.

Speaker Andrea L. Ames

Andrea Ames is a sought-after keynote speaker and workshop leader with almost 30 years of content experience and the author of numerous journal and magazine articles and two technical books.

Andrea speaks and teaches about how organizations can best leverage content to grow business and how to build content creator skills and capabilities for measurable impact. Recognized in 2016 by MindTouch as one of the Top 25 Content Strategy Influencers, Andrea is a content organization designer, content experience strategist, and founder and CEO of Idyll Point Group.

Keynote 1:
IoTaH - the Internet of Things and Humans

There is much talk about IoT, and most of this either has no effect on technical communication, or tries to solve problems that are not realistic while failing to solve problems that are. If no humans are involved, IoT is just machines talking to machines – which they have been doing for a very long time.

When humans enter the loop, technical information needs to be defined in a manner that allows both humans and machines to interpret the information in the correct manner. This is where structured authoring comes in, along with new techniques for defining interactions between machines and humans. This presentation will give you more insight into what is at stake when you are working in a field that connects the information dots between machines and human beings. 

Speaker: Jang F.M. Graat

Jang F.M. Graat studied Physics, Psychology and Philosophy and learned programming in a wide variety of languages and techniques. He has 3 decades experience as technical author, trainer, consultant and developer. He has given countless presentations, tutorials and courses to a wide variety of audiences around the globe.

His main skill is making complex technology understandable and showing his audience how to think outside the box. He currently lives in Amsterdam with his wife, a computer, a collection of musical instruments and 2 cats.